In-Home Consultation

Below are a few questions that can help you prepare for your renovation and your in-home consultation.



This is about knowing how you'll be using the room so that your renovated space is as functional as it is beautiful. It can be helpful to picture yourself carrying out the activities to which the room will be dedicated to answer these questions.  

  • What challenges are you experiencing and hoping to resolve with the renovation?

  • How will you be using the new space?

  • What layout and features do you need to make the space functional?

  • What furniture are you hoping will fit into it?



This is about incorporating design elements and finishings that reflect your personality or invoke a certain feeling in the space. Pinterest and home design/decor magazines can help you decide what style you prefer.

  • What is the overall look you're trying to achieve?

  • Are you trying to invoke a specific feeling through design and decor?

  • What design elements, features, products and materials would you like to incorporate?

  • Is there anything in your home you'd like to keep and include in the design?



Renovations usually require "behind the scenes" work that is essential to achieving the final result. ​That's why it can be helpful to research the typical costs of renovating a space to understand the building requirements and potential hidden expenses, and help you plan your budget accordingly.

  • How much do you want to spend on the renovation?

  • What are the elements you must have?

  • What are you willing to forego or change to stay within your budget?