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Why You Should Consider Renovations in the Winter

There’s a general perception that you should wait until the spring to start your renovations, but there are a few reasons to consider starting them in the winter instead.

Four winter-specific advantages to consider

1. Contractor availability

Contractors are often less busy during the winter because homeowners tend to wait until the spring to begin their home renovation projects. The contractor who could barely find the time to return your phone call in the summer may be free to work on your home come January or February.

As an added bonus, if you typically go on a vacation during the winter, otherwise disruptive or inconvenient work can be done while you and your family are away. Contractors can spend more time renovating and less time cleaning, and you don't have to live in a mess!

2. Avoiding spring price hikes on material

You may be able to take advantage of reduced prices by scheduling your project for the winter months. If you are remodelling your kitchen or laundry room, you can usually find year-end close-out prices on appliances before manufacturers typically launch new models and increase prices in the spring. This is especially true if you can get around to shopping on Black Friday, Boxing Day or during New Year’s sales events, when manufacturers feature special inventory-clearing offers.

3. Faster permits and inspections

Permits may come through more quickly during the winter months and inspection appointments may be expedited. This can make for an extremely efficient building process.

4. Getting ready to sell your home

Winter is a great time to take on remodelling projects that will add value to your home. In most cases, they'll be done in time to put your home on the market for the peak spring real estate season.

The best renovations to start during the winter

While there are many different home improvement projects that can be started in the winter, here are a few to consider:

  • kitchen remodel

  • bathroom remodel

  • interior painting

  • flooring upgrade

Although it may feel counter-intuitive, don’t dismiss the idea of starting a home renovation when there's snow on the ground. Scheduling it during the low season could make for a shorter, more productive, and less expensive process. With careful planning, you’ll be able to complete your winter remodel project in record time and under budget!