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Renovation of a 100 Year-Old Attic - Part II

I am a neat freak. I like everything to have a place, and believe function should be at the forefront of people's minds when planning a renovation and designing a space. In a space as unique as this one, it was especially important to make every choice purposeful.

Now that we had one large master suite, we knew we were going to need storage for our clothes, linen, and toiletries. Although poorly executed, what the previous owners had done with the cupboards and drawers was smart; without a closet or any room for a dresser, it made sense to utilize the dead space behind the knee walls (short walls below the slanted ceiling).

We wanted the new storage to be practical and sleek. We turned to IKEA and used their SEKTION kitchen cabinets. Since we'd replaced the electric baseboard heaters with a gas furnace and installed an air conditioner, the different sizes the cabinets come in gave us the flexibility to maximize the available space while working around the new ventilation. The result was 30 drawers that look totally built in and don't steal focus from the cooler architectural features of the room. We also built a closet at the back of the room under the window to store the clothes we prefer to hang.

We used the same cabinets for our vanity because once again, the variety of sizes allowed us to have a vanity that spans the length of the wall and maximizes storage. The difference in the bathroom? The black handles that were chosen to match the black faucets and grout lines that give the room the modern look we were after.

The wall-mounted sink faucet saves counter space, and the 12x24 glossy white tiles were installed vertically to help make the shower look taller. We chose vinyl flooring for both rooms because it's durable and waterproof (and a cinch to install!) in a grey oak colour that hides dust almost too well. We installed a sliding bathroom door because it takes up much less space when open.

Even the stair banister, arguably one of the cooler and more modern features of the new space, was chosen in part for its practicality; the steel wires (spray painted black) can be disconnected to make it possible to move up larger items like a mattress.

With the bed up against the old wood now used as a headboard, a small reading nook, and dimmable pot lights amongst the original rafter collar ties, we not only have a modern and cozy master suite, but one that keeps all of our things neatly organized and easily accessible. Now having lived in it a month, we cannot be happier with how all of our choices worked out.