About Us

We are Matt and Britt, and we share a passion for transforming spaces.

For years Matt spent every day traveling across Canada and the United States working with contractors for a consulting firm before trading in his dress shoes for work boots. (As it turned out, Britt preferred his new look!) He learned the trade from the other side of the desk and moved up the ladder quickly thanks to his work ethic and craftsmanship. After years of managing projects under the mentorship of an accomplished contractor and a successful house flip with Britt by his side, he started his own company, Purple Thumb Renovations. Now he makes a living doing what he loves, with a little help from the one he loves. By treating every project as though it was in his own home, Matt takes the pain out of renovations - one purple thumb at a time!

So why "Purple Thumb" Renovations?

We all know someone who thinks they're really handy, but somehow always ends up hammering their thumb so hard it turns purple. Well as gross as it may be, that was the inspiration for "Purple Thumb Renovations." We're all good at something, but that something isn't always renovating, and you definitely want to leave renovations to the professionals. A purple thumb will eventually heal, but a botched renovation can have serious consequences for your home, and your wallet. 

So let us take the pain out of your home improvement projects!

Matt & Britt


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